Darkness -translated from Spanish

Down the dark domed womb
of my world,
Insects flutter:
little blazing miracles,
symbols of hope,
and of nostalgia for the light.
In the cities, hummingbirds still fly,
and bees with pollen laden wings
spread life across the fields…still.
There is yet song;
there is still strife;
there is yet love:
all is not lost.
Down the burning woods
life trembles.
Creatures are seeking sanctuary.
And ferns that once boasted
 the bounty of their fronds,
today witness their own death.
The acrid stench of greed
permeates the smoke choked forest.
Meanwhile the ignorant,
 accomplice of the criminal,
receives the calls, feet on his desk,
and scratching his gold teeth says:
“We’ll look into it tomorrow”.
While creatures
on four legs, and two,
with roots, or wings,
Or crawling,
On Earth,
Is going on?

Special mention, poetry competition Nostalgia for The Light, London, 2016


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