Poem For A Departed Mother- for Monica Mackenzie-

Mother, you left last autumn
And little by little winter came
Dragging its old man’s feet.
Days grew colder,
Shorter and darker
Without you being here.
And as with tears
I watered down my orphan’s grief
Your message came to me
“Don’t cry my child,
Don’t you see now I am free?”
I saw you clearly:
Your cheeks were pink
From so much playing with angels.
Your limbs agile and strong
Jumping from cloud to cloud
Reminded me of the child
That you and I and everyone once was.
You have taken to the sky
No longer bound by pain
Or loneliness, or strife.
You rise boundless;
You are one with the stars.
As we scatter the ashes
Of your body we so loved
Crocuses push the soil
Beneath our feet
Daffodils raise their
Proud heads in the sun
Announcing spring,
Resurrection and joy.
What can we do but thank you and
Honour you with our prayers and toil
Mother, beloved guardian
Of our tender days
Loving carer of all,
All six of us.
And as we bow our heads
With sadness and respect,
A feather drops from heaven;
We know that you are with us
Always, oh yes, we know!


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